Residential Glass Installation Specialists in Lafayette, LA, Broussard, LA & Youngsville, LA

Residential Glass Installation Specialists in Lafayette, LA, Broussard, LA & Youngsville, LA

From the initial consultation to the design and installation or replacement, our professionals will provide you with a reliable price quote and a quality result. Call Now At 337-451-6942

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Shower or Bathtub Enclosures

Our quality shower and bathtub enclosures coupled with our superior expertise in the industry sets us apart from the competition. At Precision Glass, we are here to take care of your shower enclosure replacements and installations in the extended Lafayette, LA and Broussard, LA areas. We will help you choose from a variety of shower enclosures that are sure to exceed your expectations and accommodate your particular budget.

Custom Glass Shower Doors

Understanding that glass shower doors are one of the best investments for homeowners, we are available to schedule an initial consultation during a time that is best for you. Using only finely-crafted materials, Precision Glass will install a custom glass shower door to fit the layout of your bathroom and transform the space.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors

If your bathroom is in need of an updated and sleek look, you won't regret installing a custom frameless shower door. Our specialists at Precision Glass will walk you through the entire process from the initial consultation to the installation. A frameless shower door will be designed to complement your decor and modernize the bathroom. Choose from a variety of layouts to suit your needs including a single door, an inline door and panels, or neo-angled panels. Further, select a particular glass style for your custom frameless shower doors such as clear, frosted, bronze and more.

Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors

If you are unsure about taking the leap to a frameless shower enclosure, a semi-frameless product is the best alternative for your taste. Our professional staff will help you choose a framing material and specific glass type for your shower door enclosure, which can vary in texture and thickness. With this installation option, you can achieve a modern, flawless design.


Bay Windows

Whether you have an old bay window that needs replacing or you are in the process of adding a new bay window to bring more brightness into your home, Precision Glass is equipped to help you. From the shape to the interior wood/finishing and exterior colors, our professionals can install a multitude of bay windows. If you reside in Lafayette, LA, Broussard, LA or a nearby area, contact Precision Glass today!

Insulated Windows

Save money on heating and cooling when you install insulated windows in your home. Poor insulation is a problem that can be easily resolved when you choose our experts to replace your old windows. Stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with insulated windows.

Plate Glass Windows

Plate glass also known as float glass, is a standard for many windows. Whether you have a single window that's broken or you need to replace all the windows in your home with plate glass, we have the installation experience and craftsmanship to complete your repair project.

Picture Windows

From replacements to new installations, Precision Glass will help you select a picture window material to accent the current style of your home. Bring the beauty outside your home inside with picture windows that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.


Beveled Mirrors

Beveled glass mirrors can quickly become the focal point of your hallway or living room space. Regardless of the location, it is sure to provide the area with an added depth and dimension. With experts serving the Lafayette, LA and Broussard, LA areas, Precision Glass will install quality beveled glass mirrors in your home.

Beveled Mirror Strips or Tiles

We will install beveled mirror strips/tiles in your master bathroom, dining room or bedroom to create an illusion of openness and provide you with a simple, sophisticated result.

Custom Mirrors

We will create a custom, made-to-order mirror for you. Customize the specifications including the shape, size, thickness, glass type, edging and installation accessories. Precision Glass will measure the area you wish to hang your custom glass mirror, provide you with a reliable price quote and complete the installation.

Pivot Mirrors

Pivot mirrors combine simplicity with functionality to make the perfect addition in your bathroom. If your pivot mirror was improperly installed, contact a professional at Precision Glass to take care of the replacement and ensure that the installation is quality.

Glass Doors and Furniture Tops

Patio Doors

From sliding to swinging patio doors, we use materials built to the highest-quality standards. The standard features provide both security and functionality to your family. If you are in need of a patio door installation, look no further than Precision Glass, proudly serving the Broussard, LA and Lafayette, LA areas.

Custom Bent Glass

Custom bent glass has many diverse applications in your household. From your antique curio display cabinets to skylights, our specialists have replaced and installed curved/bent glass to serve a range of specific applications. We are committed to helping you revamp your home with a new use for our custom bent glass or repair an existing item that has become broken.


Glass tabletops have many benefits over other materials. With a glass tabletop, your furniture is protected from nicks and scratches, you can refurbish an antique piece with glass. A glass end table or nightstand will keep you from worrying about glass rings and permanent imperfections. A glass furniture top can also withstand the outdoors, oftentimes used on patios or decks. Whether you need a new glass tabletop installed or simply repaired, you can trust Precision Glass with your project.